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Expert Witness

The purpose of a vocational expert is to provide an analysis of an individual’s vocational potential and earning capacity.

Tasks of the Vocational Expert

  • Classifying Past Relevant Work (Job Titles)
  • Describing Past Relevant Work (Skills/Exertion)
  • Assessing Abilities and Aptitudes (Testing)
  • Measuring Earning Capacity and/or Loss (Wages/Salary)
  • Defining Labor Market Access (Available Jobs)
  • Act as an Expert Witness in Court

Vocational evaluation of files is another valuable tool that attorneys can use in case preparation.  Joni has experience in working with attorneys, paralegals, and life care planners to assess vocational issues in cases. Expert witness services are not always needed.

Joni offers technical legal support consulting in cases to assist litigators in developing and fully understanding the vocational issues relevant in a particular matter.  This may involve reviewing opposing expert opinions, identifying methodological and technical strengths or weakness of a particular rehabilitation argument or conducting research.

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