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Life Care Planning

The purpose of an assessment and developing a life care plan is to assess a client’s needs for future medical and related services, current level of function, activities of daily living and independent living needs, as well as develop a long term care plan to identify reasonable and expected costs through life expectancy in light of injuries and impairments.

Tasks of the Life Care Planner

1.     Review Medical Records & Supporting Documentation

2.     Meet with the individual being evaluated and family, as well as assess home environment or environment the individual is living in.

3.     Collaborate with medical and rehabilitation team

4.     Prepare plan with required medical goods and services with associated costs

5.     Act as expert witness in court to defend Life Care Plan

6.     Educate jury on disability, needs and limitations

We provide comprehensive life care plans for a variety of cases. Joni is qualified to develop life care plans including both medical and vocational issues. She also works with life care planners who are not able to address vocational issues to provide this component in a complete plan.

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